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Challenge: Not written for a challenge
Title: Blood From Stones (House & ducklings
Words: 200
A/N: So there was a short delay when I went to donate bood this morning--just long enough for
a double drabble.

Edited to say: I do not know why my text for this community always shows up all weird. Why? Why?!

Blood From Stones

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That's funny. And that last line is oh-so-House!
House does good deeds---by proxy! No wonder his karma is so screwed up
Hah! That's so House. And so Chase, and so Cameron, and so on. XD

And I was absolutely furious when I found out that I can't give blood because I lived in Africa. >_
By rights, only Chase would actually be eligible to donate blood (needlestick rules out cameron and if whatever Foreman had in 'Euphoria' doesn't make him temporarily undesirable as a donor--it should!). I have to donate now, because one day I will assuage my wanderlust, travel the world, and be thenceforth restricted to volunteering my time at the OJ-and-cookies table:)