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Drabble: Up In The Air

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Not written for a challenge.
TITLE: Up In The Air
AUTHOR: nightdog_writes
PAIRING: House/Wilson, with Cameron possibly lurking in the background
SUMMARY: House and Wilson have a (very) short talk in an unusual location.
DISCLAIMER: Don't own 'em. Never will.
AUTHOR NOTES: This is a drabble. One hundred words. I am greatly indebted to daasgrrl for her invaluable suggestion for the final line.
BETA: Silverjackal, with an honorary nod to daasgrrl.

Up In the Air

The county fair had been Cuddy's idea; House had sniped and moaned but gone along. Now he and Wilson sat cautiously in the Ferris wheel car as the giant wheel slowly turned.

"So you're moving back in with me," House said.

"Seems to be for the best. Your relapse after the shooting didn't seem to bode too well for living on your own at the moment."

Far below, they could see the Fellows watching.

"If you'd rather have Cameron ..." Wilson murmured.

House looked away. The wheel stopped, jerking mechanically.

"Now we're stuck here," House growled.

Wilson glanced at him.

"Were you going somewhere?"


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